Aida Vilalva de Oliveira Gomes
Farm Facts
Serra D´água

Municipality: Vermelho Novo / Minas Gerais
Average altitude: 900.00 meters
Average temperature: 24 ºC
Latitude: -20.025833
Longitude: -42.213611

About your grower

In August 2014, the couple Aida (Educator) and Marcelo (Biologist), along with their children Matheus and João Pedro, decided to change their busy city life (São Paulo/Capital), to pursue their dream; to work with agribusiness and to have a lifestyle integrated with nature and sustainable values. They sold their belongings and abdicated their professions. With a lot of expectations, they moved to Vermelho Novo - MG, in the Matas de Minas region, to become coffee producers. There were many challenges, economic hardships; the coffee only produces after three years; social and structural hardships; a differentiated form of planting and management, aimed at sustainable agriculture Emater was their biggest guide. They provided all the guidance to meet the requirements of Certifica Minas (IMA), which advocates environmentally correct practices and optimization of crop production management. Based on their values, the family started the soil preparation works by prioritizing the preservation/maintenance/protection of forests and springs, they are currently members of the project, all through the Rio Doce, a project for the preservation of the property's spring.

Cupping characteristics
Cup score: 86.75
Production characteristics
Bags: 9
Coffee variety: Arara
Processing: Pulped Natural
Maximum altitude: 900.00 meters
Harvest: 2023/2024
About Matas de Minas Region
The Matas de Minas Region is a specialty coffee origin producer composed by 64 municipalities located in an area of Brazilian Atlantic Forest in the east of Minas Gerais State.




East of Minas Gerais State

Production area





(80% small producers, with less than 20 ha planted)

Direct jobs


Indirect jobs


Artisanal Quality

We are pioneers in what we call artisanal quality – the andcrafted work and techniques developed by our growers in the region – producing high quality coffees. The result of this effort is a diversity of nuances and flavours that are present in our coffees – highly prized in the most important national and international coffee competitions.

Natural Sustainability

Our production is naturally sustainable, predominantly made up of family farming and impacted by direct and indirect economic and social factors, and the natural integration between man and forest, cultural factors present in the coffee production of our region.

Collective Development

The Matas de Minas Region is regulated by the “Matas de Minas Coffee Associations Council”. A non profit organization with representative, scientific, educative and cultural roles, formed by associated members and partnerships, focused on the development of the coffee growers throughout the 64 municipalities that compose the demarcated region of the Matas de Minas.